Thamescraft own and operate a fleet of barges and flat top pontoons ranging from a 250ton to a 1200ton carrying capacity. Our barges can be used for dredging works, spoil removal, aggregate distribution, piling works, general cargo carrying and can also take cranes up to 180 ton.




DART: 25m X 18m x 0.6m

deck carrying capacity- 1200t

3x 24m spud legs 900mm diameter.


BUFFLE: 28M X 11M X 0.5M

deck carrying capacity- 600t

4x 19m spud legs 700mm diameter


CUB: 26M X 6M X 0.8M

4x 19m spud legs 700m diameter

9t/m Atlas hydraulic crane

12ton tugger winch


Hannah: 26M X 7M X 1M

deck carrying capacity- 250 ton


PAMELA: 26M X 7M  X 0.6M

250 ton carrying capacity hopper barge


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